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Red LED Wide Angle Mini Light String - 50 Lights/25 Feet

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    SAVE MONEY IN ENERGY AND BULB LIFE! What is special about the LED Wide Angle Mini Lights? The bulb is designed so that the concave tip of the bulbs acts as an "inverse funnel" so that light is spread out at an extra-wide angle, resulting in a larger lighted area.

    • 50 bulbs/strand on green wire
    • 25' lighted length
    • 6" Spacing between bulbs
    • Uses 90% less electricity
    • Uses 2 watts/strand compared to 25 watts/strand for traditional strings.
    • Plug 30 light strands end-to-end for a longer length
    • Commercial Grade
    • Indoor/Outdoor UL listed.
    • 200,000 hour bulbs compared to 3,000 for traditional light strings.
    • 5mm wide angle lens

    Christmas Lights and More LED mini lights are much brighter and bolder with the most consistent color spectrum in the industry! With a patented rectifier built in, unwanted flickering is eliminated and the truest color possible is delivered. Energy efficient, long lasting and virtually maintenance free, these LED lights make it easier than ever to light up buildings, trees, and displays.

    LED lights are power specific; each color requires a different amount of power in order to work at its highest efficiency. Most replaceable bulb sets are supplied with red LED lights (least expensive)If you replace a blue LED light with a red replacement LED light, it will soon burn out because the socket for the blue is wired with a much higher power than for the red. Conversely, if you were to place a blue LED light in a socket designed for a red LED light, the light would be much dimmer. With our LED light sets, every socket is color specific and permanently affixed so the best performance is guaranteed.

    Rust issues are one of the best reasons for non-replaceable LED lights. Our non-replaceable LED bulbs are completely water tight so no moisture can enter the area of connection. Since the leads of replaceable LED lights and the copper wire of the cord are different materials, they are susceptible to rust. If any moisture is introduced into the environment of the bulb, either in the form of condensation or actual water, it begins to rust. The rusting process is very fast. In these cases, the bulb will rust and literally fall out of the socket within a few months.

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